olive wood pizza

As you are probably aware, I do most of my shopping at local farmer’s markets. Until recently, I repeatedly passed by Olive Wood Pizza stand at the Tuesday market on Broadway/Cherry, thinking, “How good can pizza from a booth really be?” The simple fact that they have a custom built, portable wood burning pizza oven that reaches 900ºF eventually lured me in. They actually burn genuine olive wood because it burns hot and even and adds the perfect amount of smoke and sweetness to the pizzas. These pizzas are light and airy and cook in a couple of minutes at that high temperature. I can honestly say these are the best pizzas I’ve had in Long Beach and rival the best in LA so I thought I’d give them a shout out.

Portable wood burning pizza oven

The classic Margherita

Owner, chef Ian Vincent, a graduate of New York’s CIA, knows his craft and brings consistently perfect pies to local farmers markets and special events and he is also available for catering. Check Olive Wood Pizza out at these locations!


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