conch row at potter’s cay


On our recent vacation to the Bahamas, we had the opportunity to taste some cuisine not found on the west coast. Beneath a bridge, leading to undoubtedly the most touristy part of Nassau (Atlantis), lies Potter’s Cay. It is home to a row of stall like restaurants that provide a variety of amazingly fresh seafood, the most popular and abundant being conch. After watching Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel, crunch down on the giant sea snail fresh out of the shell and exclaim something like, “OMG the meat is so sweet,” eating fresh conch on an island instantly went on my bucket list.


I’m happy to say that Potter’s Cay offered the closure I desired; with multiple preparations as well! Here you will mostly find conch salad, conch fritters, and a variety of locally caught seafood delicately fried to perfection and served with homemade sauces. We tried it all of course! The conch salad consisted of raw conch marinated in lime juice, orange juice, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, tomatoes, green peppers, chilly peppers and onions. It was sweet, crunchy, spicy and delicious. It was also nice getting away from the tourists and enjoying food and drinks with the locals. If you find yourself in Nassau don’t miss this local flavor!


Don’t forget to have plenty of the local brew “Kalik” while you wait for your food…

Conch boat

Conch boat


Discarded conch shells.


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