fashionably maple (maple old fashioned)


maple old fashioned

I’ve had this bottle of Noble maple syrup, which is matured in used bourbon barrels, sitting on our kitchen shelf and calling my name for the past 2 years. It was given to my wife and I from power couple friends or ours: Matt Armedariz and Adam Pearson. I’ve finally decided to break the seal and use this bottle in as many concoctions achievable given it’s 450ml limitation. I’m going to treat this bottle comparably to a significant bottle of bourbon since this stuff aint cheap at $28 a bottle! Naturally, I plan on pairing it with whisky given this particular syrup’s maturing process. I’d also like to try mixing it with  other spirits as well.

I think the most obvious go-to cocktail that comes to mind is also perhaps my favorite – the old fashioned. This simple classic combines sugar, bitters, whisky, orange and cherry and transforms them into one of the most complex and layered cocktails. Really all we are doing here is replacing the sugar with maple syrup. Easy enough right?!

2 oz bourbon (I like Buffalo Trace and Four Roses for this)
1/4 oz maple Syrup
2 dashes of bitters
Twist of orange
Maraschino cherry
Ice Cubes (bottled water makes quite a difference)

In a mixing glass combine bourbon, maple syrup, bitters and ice. Stir until desired dilution is achieved and strain into a rocks glass over ice cubes or sphere. Rub orange twist along the rim of glass, then, twist and insert into the cocktail along with the cherry. Cheers!

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