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Matt and Adam’s wood-burning pizza oven pizza party!

By now, you probably know how Britt and I feel about pizza. So, when our friends Matt and Adam invited us over for a pizza party in their newly renovated backyard, how could we say no? We had the most amazing evening; checking out the fabulous additions, which, transform a simple backyard into an entertainer’s dream. One of the most significant, being, the outdoor wood-burning pizza oven. These have become quite popular/available in recent years and come in kits which are relatively simple to have installed. The total price hovering around$6K – $7K installed.

I’ve said it before but there’s just no way to make a perfect pizza crust without oven temperatures over 600°F. The smoke from the wood also contributes immensely to the flavor of the crust which ultimately is the star of the show. That being said, this is one of the most amazing kitchen tools and is definitely going on my bucket list. These ovens aren’t limited to just pizza either. I’m told they produce the most incredible roasted chicken, fish, meat, poultry, bread… the list goes on and on.

Matt even handed out Sarapes when it got chilly!

Matt even handed out sarapes when it got chilly!

Matt and Adam pre-made 10 pizza crusts and everyone was invited to create there own pizzas by selecting from the variety of toppings, sauces and cheeses. We then cut the pizzas into 8 slices and shared them with the group. It was fun trying different people’s creations. We had a blast! Thank you Matt and Adam for hosting such a brilliant night!

What I drank:

Aglianico pairs great with a wide variety of pizzas!

Aglianico pairs great with a wide variety of pizzas!

Aglianico del Vulture is an Italian red wine made from the Aglianico grape from the Vulture area in Basilicata. Gricos is full bodied with great fruit, structure, tannins and a velvet mouth feel. I highly recommend this wine with pizza! More please!


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