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Fusion Food In The Vegan Kitchen by Joni Marie Newman with Photography by Wade Hammond

Joni Marie Newman’s new book Fusion Food In The Vegan Kitchen releases on December 15th with photographs by yours truly. Joni is an accomplished vegan chef and author with a passion for world cuisine. She doesn’t use shortcuts, such as, using processed meat substitutes. Rather, she builds her recipes from scratch which results in a healthier and tastier way to approach veganism.

I am giving away 1 copy of this book to one of my lucky readers. To enter leave a comment below and tell me your favorite vegan dish! You can also order your copy of Fusion Food In The Vegan Kitchen HERE!

* Congratulations to Cadry! She is the winner of this giveaway. Thank you to all who entered and thanks also to Joni and Quayside Publishing!

35 thoughts on “fusion food in the vegan kitchen

  1. erinwyso

    I am so intrigued by this cookbook, it looks fantastic! My favorite veg dish is simple wilted kale with tofu, drizzled with sesame oil and soy sauce and sesame seeds. : )

  2. Christine

    I have a sweet tooth, so I’d say vegan red velvet cake with
    soy cream cheese frosting is my favorite! Anything with tofu or
    chickpeas comes in a close second.

  3. Nicole Selah Destrampe

    It changes but lately its been tempeh sausage and white
    bean gravy over greens sounds weird but amazing much better than
    over biscuits!

  4. Cadry

    So hard to choose, but right this second I’m going to say a cheeseless wood-fired pizza topped with wild mushrooms, kalamata olives, pine nuts, and potato slices.

  5. Katie

    In the spirit of the fusion cookbook, my favourite fusion dish what I call Winter Red Thai Curry: Red Thai curry made with pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, eggplant, and Swiss chard, topped with fresh cilantro and served with Sriracha.

  6. Liz

    My favorite? Gosh… that’s impossible. Perhaps it’s the vegan cheese sauce recipe I could live on? But I also make homemade vegan ice cream… that’s hard to beat. I’ve been eyeing this new cookbook for days… wishing it had a “look inside” on Amazon. I would be so excited to win a copy! I’m always on the hunt for new recipes that use up the veggies that come in my CSA box – and this cookbook seems like it might be perfect for that!

  7. Josey

    My favourite dish is always, always, always (vegan and gf) mac and cheese, so I’m super excited to try Joni’s new one in this book.

  8. Vegyogini

    Perhaps this giveaway is already over, but thank you for it! I suppose my favorite vegan dish is a quinoa, kale, black bean bowl with tahini sauce and kimchi from Cafe Gratitude. So delicious!


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