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The other night, Britt and I attended the book launch of 100 Things To Do In Los Angeles Before You Die written by our talented friend Carrie Kim. We decided to celebrate at the legendary Dresden in Los Feliz (yes, where they shot the movie Swingers). After several rounds of liquid nourishment, our friend Jason suggested we check out this new 70’s themed bar with a secret entrance called Good Times At Davey Wayne’s. Since Marty and Elayne weren’t performing that particular night at The Dresden anyway, we decided – why not? After arriving at Davey Wayne’s we stood in line for 30 minutes in front of what appears to be a single car garage in the midst of a garage sale circa 1970 something. Totally worth the wait!

Secret entrance at the back of the garage sale via the old fridge.

Secret entrance at the back of the garage sale via the old fridge.

The cool thing about Good Times At Davey Wayne’s is the attention to detail. The 1970’s items themselves couldn’t have cost all that much but their creative repurposing really works to invent a tasteful and inviting environment. It’s like hanging out in a cool 1970’s living room with a really great vibe. If you grew up in that era it was like a time capsule. If not, it’s like the set of That 70’s Show.

Outdoor trailer bar at Good Times At Davey Wayne's!

Outdoor trailer bar at Good Times At Davey Wayne’s!

After passing through the secret fridge entrance, the first room you encounter is a period living room with couches to match. We wondered through the crowded room and passed the DJ who was spinning good music from the era (completely avoiding Disco) and ended up in a cozy back yard with macramé hanging chairs and a 70’s trailer converted into a bar. Snow cone cocktails? YES PLEASE! Not my typical go-to drink but it seemed to be the obvious choice given the theme. I like that the environment encourages you to shed your usual notions of taste and style.

The bar at Good Times At Davey Wayne's.

The bar at Good Times At Davey Wayne’s.

The main bar somehow pulls off a classy feel even though they have wood paneling on the ceiling and 70’s bric-a-brac along the walls. From the uses of dresser drawer fronts as wall tiles to the displays of vintage soda and beer cans, Davey Wayne’s truly delivers a good time!

David Wayne Houston, father to Mark and Jonnie Houston, was a blue-collar pool shark who enjoyed late nights in his garage building and fixing things–some of the brothers’ best memories. Known by his friends (and the ladies) as Davey, this 70′s bar is a tribute to him and to all who have lost their dads.”

Good Times At Davey Wayne’s
1611 N El Centro Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 962-3804


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