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Not your usual Irish Cream!

Not your usual Irish Cream!

As a bartender (and I think most bartenders would agree), I’ve never been a huge fan of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Sure, it’s ok in coffee or a milkshake but it’s never something special that I would even think of stocking in my home bar. In fact, the process used to manufacture Bailey’s is just as contrived as the fictional signature on the bottle: R.A. Bailey. The product wasn’t released until 1974 and served to solve the “problem” requiring a bartender to actually mix fresh, good, quality ingredients together in a mixing tin. In other words, Bailey’s is merely a time saver.

It wasn’t until I began learning about possets and we made the original recipe for an Irish Cream Posset, that I understood what was sacrificed by creating processed versions of this classic for reasons of convenience and marketability. If you want to really impress your guests with an after dinner drink or simply experience something great that most bars don’t provide, try mixing your own Irish Cream Posset! It’s not hard or even time consuming and the reward far exceeds on-the-shelf products. I’m guessing it will change your opinion about this classic as it did my own. Let me know what you think.


In a mixing tin (shaker) goes:
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 ounce organic heavy cream
1 teaspoon fine white sugar
2 ounces Irish malt or pot-stilled whiskey  *I used Powers

Fill the shaker with ice, seal and shake vigorously to mix, chill, dilute and aerate. Strain into a goblet and finely grate fresh nutmeg on top. You won’t believe how good this is! Cheers!

*Powers Irish Whiskey, unlike Jameson or Bushmills, uses 70% pot-stilled whiskey in their gold label, yielding a much more complex and true expression of the malt even though it is still a blend.